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House Boat T&C 船屋條款


  • Booking can be made 3 days in advance

  • Confirmation by Email, Whatsapp, Wechat before booking date, if no confirmation received please let us know immediately

  • 50% deposit is required to secure the booking, full payment is due 7 days before the booking

  • Full payment not received 48 hours before the booking we assume booking is cancelled and deposit will not refund.

  • Rates includes check in and check out sampan / speedboat transfer from Kwun Tong Pier to house boat, extra transfer is HK$50 per trip it is payable by cash to the captain each trip

  • One free round trip sampan / speedboat service per day for bookings of 5 nights or above

  • All bookings are subject to availability and first come first serve

  • Housekeeper, owner and agent of the owner has right to refuse the booking



  • Please keep in mind that our boats are our livelihood, and appreciate that you take care in treating them as you would your home

  • No smoking inside the boat

  • No breaking of furniture, replacement or repair charges involved if furniture or the boat is damaged

  • Please put your rubbish in the bins provided

  • No Shoes allow on the boat, slipper will be provided

  • No pets allow on the boat

  • Children are the sole responsibility of their parents/guardians. We do not offer or provide child minding services and based on experience to ensure the safety of your children we recommend having at least 1 adult per 2 children to supervise.

  • Bringing illegal substances or using illegal substances during the booking is not allowed. If illegal substances are discovered. We will report to the report and no refund for the booking can be made.

  • All photos shown on our website may be slightly difference from the actual boat due to wore out form the booking. We will try our best to keep the photos up to date.

  • House boat will be remained on Kwun Tong Shelter



  • 90% of the booking fee will be refunded if cancellation is within 48 hours of the booking

  • After 48 hours no refund allowed

  • Cleaning fees if applicable are always refunded if the reservation is cancelled before check-in



  • Customer are solely responsible for their personal safety and that any property they bring onboard

  • Be aware of potential dangers on board including tripping hazards, moving parts, ropes and bow (front) of the boat and stern (back) of the boat

  • In case of bad weather or for safety reasons, house keeper or owner or agent of the owner reserves the right to choose a safe alternative boarding decision, in advance notice should be given in case of special arrangement



  • Good weather is not guarantee for the booking

  • If there is a change in the weather, the housekeeper, owner and agent of the owner has the right to choose a safe alternative boarding decision


Check in and Check out

  • Check in time 3pm to 6pm

  • Check out time 12pm

  • Transfer location Kwun Tong Public Pier, Kai Yip Street

  • Sampan service available FOC on check in and check out time

  • Extra transfer is HK$50 per trip payable by cash

  • One free round trip sampan / speedboat service per day for bookings of 5 nights or above

  • Extra charges may apply if late check in and late check out



  • Customer should make sure all furniture and equipment on board are in the same condition at check in. The customer will responsible for any damages caused by any of his party member. All equipment or facilities should be used under any applicable regulation of Hong Kong. Customer will hold sole responsibilities for compensation of all damages caused.

  • All houseboat is insured according to the law of Hong Kong.

  • The customer will carry sole responsibility for the passengers and passengers property on the boat, and neither the owner nor any of its officers, servants, agents, nor any houseboat shall be reliable for any loss or damage to property or loss of life or personal injury whether through negligence or any other cause while on board of any houseboat or while check in or boarding and check out from any houseboat or other activity and whenever. Owner, housekeeper, owner agent will not be held responsible for any loss or damage by will report incidences to the Police.


Mechanical Problems

  •  If the house boat is damaged or not safe to use prior to the booking or during the booking and cannot be repaired. We will inform the customer as soon as possible. An alternative house boat may be provided as quick as reasonably possible and if no houseboat is available, a re-schedule date will be guaranteed within 6 months of the booking date, refund from the booking is decision on the owner, housekeeper or owner agent.  

House boat owner or housekeeper or owner agent holds the principle of sincerity, handling different kinds of issues with great care in order to meet the need of our customers. We observe the law of Hong Kong and provide customers with the safest stay.

If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.

In case of any dispute of the terms and conditions. The most recent version automatically overwrites the old version without any notice.







 - 請提前3天預訂

 - 在預訂日期前通過電子郵件,Whatsapp或微信確認,如果未收到確認,請立即通知我們

 - 客人需支付50%的訂金以確保預訂,並在預訂前7天支付全額費用

 - 預訂前48小時未收到全額付款,我們認為預訂已取消,押金將不予退還。

 - 價格包括登記入住和退房從觀塘碼頭至船屋的快艇接送服務,額外接送服務為每程港幣$50,每次均以現金支付給船長

 - 如租住5天或以上,可享每天免費快艇接送服務來回各一次

 - 所有預訂均視供應情況而定,先到先得

 - 業主和業主代理人均有權拒絕預訂



 - 請善待船隻如你們的家一樣,並感謝您照顧他們。

 - 船內禁止吸煙


 - 請把垃圾放在提供的垃圾箱裡

 - 船上不可穿鞋內進,請穿著提供的拖鞋

 - 船上禁止攜帶寵物

 - 兒童是其父母/監護人的唯一責任,我們不提供或提供托兒服務,並根據經驗確保您孩子的安全,我們建議每2名兒童至少監護一名成人。

 - 不允許在預訂時攜帶非法物質或使用非法物質。如果發現非法物質。我們將向報告報告,並且不能退款。

 - 我們網站上顯示的所有照片可能與實際船隻略有不同。我們會保持照的最新狀態。

 - 船屋會停泊在觀塘避風塘




 - 如果客人在預訂48小時內取消預訂, 將退還90%的預訂費用

 - 如果客人在預訂48小時後取消預訂,將不允許退款

 - 如果客人在辦理入住手續前取消預訂,只會退還清潔費(如果適用)



 - 客戶對其人身安全及其攜帶的任何財產負上全部責任

 - 注意船上的潛在危險,包括船的絆倒危險,活動部件,繩索和船首(前部)以及船尾(後部)

 - 如果天氣惡劣或出於安全原因,管家或業主或業主代理人保留選擇替代安全登船地點的權利,如有特殊安排,應事先通知


 - 好天氣不會保證在訂內

 - 如果天氣發生變化,業主,管家,業主 代理人有權決定安全的替代登船地點



 - 入住時間為下午3點至下午6點

 - 退房時間中午12點

 - 接駁地點觀塘公眾碼頭,啟業街

 - 辦理登船手續和退房時間我們提供快艇接駁服務

 - 額外接送服務為每程港幣$50,以現金支付。如租住5天或以上,可享每天免費快艇接送服務來回各一次

 - 延遲辦理入住和延遲退房可能需要支付額外費用


 - 客戶應確保登機時所有船上的家具和設備都處於相同狀態。客戶應對其任何物品的損害負責。所有設備或設施均應根據香港的任何適用法規使用。客戶將對所造成的損失承擔全部責任。

 - 所有船屋均根據香港法律投保。

 - 客戶將承擔起對船上的乘客和乘客財產的全部責任,船東或其任何人員,代理人或任何船屋均不會對任何財產損失,損壞,生命或個人損失承擔 。在任何船屋上或在辦理登船手續或登船以及從任何船屋或其他活動中退房時以及何時因疏忽或任何其他原因造成的傷害。業主,管家,業主代理人不會對任何損失或損害負責,並會向警方報告事件。



 - 如果在預訂之前或預訂期間船屋損壞或不安全而無法修理,我們會盡快通知客戶, 盡可能快地提供替代船屋,如果沒有船屋,則可在預訂日期的6個月內保證重新安排日期,預訂退款將由業主,管家或業主代理人決定。







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