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Super Yacht - IAG 102ft


Under Nextwave Yacht Management

Video 影片

Highlight 特色

- Superyacht charter in Hong Kong - Just over 100ft

  超級遊艇租賃 - 超過 100 尺
- Spacious Upper Deck 寬敞高層甲板

- Bi-lingual Captain and Steward 雙語船長及招待員

38ppl capacity for day and evening charters 最多可容納 38 人

- Sleep for 8ppl for overnight charters  可供 8 人留宿租賃

- Charter at the mooring available with attractive rate


- Luxurious salon 豪華大廳 

- Charter in Hong Kong, Macau 可在香港,澳門租賃 

- BBQ meal, Fine dining, Buffet available 燒烤, 精緻餐飲, 自助餐

- Water toys by request 水上活動或玩具可向我們查詢 




Coming Soon

Features 介紹

Length 長度: 101.8ft (31M)
Beam  寬度: 22.3ft

Draft 水深: 4ft 

Performance 船速: up to 20 knots 最多 20 節
Number of crew 船員人數: 4
Built 建造年份: 2012
Charter Capacity 可承載客量: 40ppl max (Day and Evening) 最多 40人 (日間及晚間)

Accommodation 住宿: (Overnight Charter 留宿租賃)
Number of cabins 房間數量: 4 Bedrooms房間 (1 master 一間主人房, 1 double 一間雙人房, 2 single bedrooms 兩間單人房)
Sleep可留宿人數: 8ppl 


Main Deck 主甲板

- Spacious Salon / Bar / Outside seating 寬敞客廳 / 酒吧 / 戶外座位
- Behind the Salon - Captain Control / Dinning / Kitchen / Crew Rooms 於大廳後方 - 船長控制室 / 飯廳 / 廚房 / 船員室

Upper Deck 高層甲板

- Spacious Lounge Area 寬敞休憩空間

Lower Deck 低層甲板

- 1 Master Bed Room with Bathroom 一間主人房連沐浴間
- 1 Double Bed Room with Bathroom 一間雙人房連沐浴間
- 2 Single Bed Rooms with Bathroom 兩間單人房
Total Sleep for 8ppl  可供 8 人留宿

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